The Autobiography of Red Background

The Autobiography of Red Background

Anne Carson is the author of The Autobiography of Red, which was first published during 1998 and later published during 1999 by Vintage. This fictional novel tells the autobiographical story of Geryon. In the beginning of the story, he is both a young boy (at the age of five) and a winged red monster characterized by a creative yet damaged spirit. Things change for the better when he gets older. To his benefit, he distances himself from unfulfilling relationships with his brother and mother. He attempts to fill the void in his heart with his creative passion and the affection of a man named Herakles.

The Autobiography of Red is an intensely imaginative narrative that highlights Carson's strong interest in Greek mythology and drama. This strong interest saturates a lot of other creative works she has authored. It was considered "a profound love story" by The New York Times Book Review. The Village Voice called it "a deeply odd and immensely engaging book." Carson hails from Canada and has authored a number of poems, essays, and translations. She is a professor of Classics and has taught at multiple universities.

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