The Atlantis World (The Origin Mystery Book 3) Background

The Atlantis World (The Origin Mystery Book 3) Background

The Atlantis World (The Origins Mystery, Book 3) was written by fiction author A.G. Riddle. This is the last book of The Origins Mystery trilogy. In this final installment, a team of explorers takes a wild journey across space and time to discover the history of the Atlantean homeworld. More specifically, it touches on the cultural ways of the Atlanteans, going deeper into the conspiracy about human origins and evolution.

The team explores the ruins of the Atlantean ship left on Earth. They explore multiple Atlantean science stations spread throughout the galaxy. During this journey, they face challenges that uncover whether they have the strength to save humanity from further destruction.

This book was self-published in 2014 and was later commercially published in 2015. This book, along with the other trilogy books, has mixed reviews. For some, this book is complicated in the sense that it's disorganized, and the events are scattered. For others, this book has an extraordinary ending that captivates the imagination.

The team's journey is filled with danger and adventure, as they face off with formidable foes and explore newly discovered places. Along the way, they meet some long-lost allies and uncover secrets about the Atlanteans that have been hidden for centuries. They come to understand the Atlanteans' advanced technology and the many mysteries of their culture.

The team eventually discovers the hidden history of the Atlanteans. They find out that the Atlanteans were once a powerful and sophisticated race, but had to go into hiding because of a great cataclysmic event that almost wiped out their species. This book is a thrilling final installment that will keep readers on the edge of their seats as the team seeks to uncover the truth about their origins.

The team's mission is not only to uncover their origins but also to save humanity from a similar fate as the Atlanteans. They must use their courage, intelligence, and strength to save the world from destruction. The stakes are high and the outcome is uncertain. Will they be able to save the world or will they succumb to the same fate as the Atlanteans?

The Atlantis World is an action-packed, science-fiction adventure that is sure to captivate readers of all ages. It is a thrilling conclusion to the Origins Mystery trilogy and will leave readers with a newfound appreciation for the power of exploration and discovery. Readers will be enthralled by the twists and turns of the team's journey and will be left with a sense of awe at the power of the Atlanteans. This book is sure to be a classic for years to come.

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