The Atlantis Plague (The Origin Mystery Book 2) Background

The Atlantis Plague (The Origin Mystery Book 2) Background

The Atlantis Plague (The Origins Mystery, Book 2) was written by science fiction author A.G. Riddle. He is the same author who wrote and published The Atlantis Gene (The Origins Mystery, Book 1) in 2015. This book, of his science fiction trilogy, is centered on human extinction. A plague has reached a pandemic level, spreading across the world and claiming the lives of nearly a billion people.

For the few not dominated by the plague, things aren't much better. These individuals rapidly evolve, while the rest degenerate. As a result of this pandemic problem, multiple solutions arise, although each one has its pros and cons. Yet this leads to war between different groups searching for a desirable answer. Researcher Kate Warner is at the core of this pandemic, working to discover a cure.

This book was self-published in 2013 and commercially published in 2015. It's ideal to read the first book to better understand this one. Writing fiction is Riddle's passion, to the extent that he quit his ten-year career of starting internet companies.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Kate discovers the cause of the plague. She is met with immediate resistance and criticism, causing her to be labeled a threat. This leads to her being hunted by powerful forces who want to keep her discoveries hidden. Kate must decide whether to use her knowledge to save the world or keep it a secret.

At the same time, the plague caused people to turn against each other, even leading to civil unrest. Those infected with the plague become violent and feral, while those unaffected become powerful and privileged. There is a clear divide between those who are sick and those who are healthy, with each side blaming the other for their misfortunes.

The novel is a thrilling, suspenseful read that has readers on the edge of their seats. While much of the plot focuses on the mystery of the contagion and its origins, the novel also delves into the philosophical implications of the plague.

The human race is faced with a moral dilemma – should they find a way to rid the world of the plague, or should they use it to their advantage? This question is explored throughout the novel as various characters come to different conclusions.

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