The Atlantis Plague (The Origin Mystery Book 2) Background

The Atlantis Plague (The Origin Mystery Book 2) Background

The Atlantis Plague (The Origins Mystery, Book 2) was written by science fiction author A.G. Riddle. He is the same author who wrote and published The Atlantis Gene (The Origins Mystery, Book 1) in 2015. This book, of his science fiction trilogy, is centered on human extinction. A plague has reached pandemic level, spreading across the world and claiming the lives of nearly a billion people.

For the few not dominated by the plague, things aren't much better. These individuals rapidly evolve, while the rest degenerate. As a result of this pandemic problem, multiple solutions arise, although each one has its pros and cons. Yet this leads to warring between different groups searching for a desirable answer. Researcher Kate Warner is at the core of this pandemic, working to discover a cure.

This book was self-published during 2013 and was commercially published during 2015. It's ideal to read the first book in order to better understand this one. Writing fiction is Riddle's passion, to the extent that he quit his ten-year career of starting internet companies.

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