The Atlantis Gene (The Origin Mystery, Book 1) Characters

The Atlantis Gene (The Origin Mystery, Book 1) Character List

Dr. Katherine Warner

Dr. Warner is an American geneticist living in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the purpose of conducting clinical trials on autistic children. She works with "junk DNA," and her research, despite initial setbacks, is beginning to show promise. Unfortunately, other powerful people are beginning to take interest in her research as well, notably the Immari Corporation, an Illuminati-esque secret organization dedicated to the destruction of the Atlanteans and the realization of humanity's potential by activating the Atlantis gene.

David Vale

David is an ex-military intelligence operative working for Clocktower, a radically anti-political group that's been compromised by evil forces working for the Immari. His contact leads him to Dr. Warner, and the two get embroiled in a terrible conspiracy that deals with the future of humanity. David is tall, brusque, and physically impressive, and he saves Warner's life on several occasions.

Josh Cohen

Josh is a Chief Analyst for the Clocktower cell at Jakarta Station. He discovers that the organization has been compromised, and he works with David Vale, the Station Chief at Jakarta Station, to unearth the conspiracy and understand the Immari's obsession with Dr. Katherine Warner.

Chief Eddi Kusnadi

Chief Kusnadi is the police chief at the headquarters in Jakarta. Instead of being devoted to upholding justice, Kusnadi is devoted to his wallet, and his primary motivation in holding suspects is the attempt to elicit bribes. He tries to get money from Dr. Warner, and he would have succeeded if David Vale hadn't blackmailed him and taken Dr. Warner from the station.

Surya and Adi

Surya and Adi are two autistic Indonesian children who have been a part of Dr. Warner's clinical trials. They are kidnapped by the Immari because their Atlantean genes have been activated. Their importance grows as the novel goes on, and they are examples of the genetic possibility latent in human DNA.

Karl Selig

Karl is a minor character, the protagonist of the novel's prologue. He is a doctoral student writing his thesis on the effects of the giant icebergs that break off from Antarctica and melt slowly. He and his associates have reached Antarctica, and it seems they have discovered something enormous - his friend says something about discovering an underground cathedral with strange marking before the ice collapses and they plummet into a ravine.

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