The Arrivants Background

The Arrivants Background

The Arrivants was written by award-winning author Edward Kamau Brathwaite. This creative work explores the implications of black life in the modern world. More specifically, it's a poetic trilogy that highlights the natural beauty and wealth of the Caribbean homeland as well as its violent past. It delves into the cultural experiences that saturate this homeland, including lively jazz/folk music, historical flashbacks, and more.

Born in Bridgetown, Barbados, in 1930, Edward Kamau Brathwaite is considered a heavyweight in the world of Caribbean literature. A poet, essayist, historian, and critic, he has worked as a professor of Comparative Literature at New York University. Brathwaite won the Griffin Poetry Prize thanks to his volume of poems Born to Slow Horses in 2006. He is the winner of earlier awards and prizes, such as the 1994 Neustadt International Prize for Literature and the 1999 Charity Randall Citation for Performance and Written Poetry from the International Poetry Forum.

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