The Argonauts Background

The Argonauts Background

Maggie Nelson is an American writer born in 1973 and the author of the book The Argonauts. The novel was published in 2015 by Graywolf Press and is generally perceived as being a nonfiction book, with many autobiographical elements.

Nelson’s previous books were also considered as being nonfiction and they all focused on some period in the writer’s life. In The Argonauts for example, the author writes about the period when she was pregnant and the time when her husband, the sculptor Harry Doge was undergoing treatment, changing from a woman to a man, undergoing a double mastectomy and injecting himself with hormones.

Maggie explores in her book various aspects of her pregnancy but also her experience alongside her transitioning partner and the way they were perceived by the public. The book was received with mixes reviews by the public and the author was sometimes criticized for being so open about her person life and about her struggles but she claims that writing about everything that surrounds her comes natural to her.

Despite everything, the book won the National Book Critics Circle Award and was also a New York best-seller, while also being a popular book aboard.

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