The Aftermath Background

The Aftermath Background

Published in 2014, The Aftermath is a fictional novel written by the Welsh author Rhidian Brook. The Aftermath is set in the aftermath of World War II in Hamburg, Germany. Rachel Morgan comes to the city to see her husband, Lewis, after they had been apart for a long time. Lewis is one of the people in charge with helping to rebuild the city. During their time in Harmburg, they stay in a large house with a German widow and her daughter. The family is troubled, and the Morgan's learn what their life is like.

Rhidian Brook is a Welsh novelist and screenwriter. Born in 1966, Brook wrote his first novel in 1996. The Testimony of Taliesin Jones, his first novel, was the recipient of the Somerset Maugham Award. The book was also made into a movie. Brook is also the author of the novel Jesus and the Adman. Brook also writes articles for several famous magazines, including The Guardian.

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