The Accidental Tourist Characters

The Accidental Tourist Character List

Macon Leary

He is the main character of the book and is a writer of travel guides. His son is killed in a fatal shooting and he splits from his wife Sarah Leary as a result. He then finds love with Muriel Pritchett and her son Alexander. He begins a relationship with her until faced with the choice of reconciling with his wife.

Sarah Leary

She is the wife of Macon Leary and is an educated and slightly 'upper class' woman who is very orderly and organised. She splits from Macon after the death of their son as she is struck with grief but later makes a proposition to him that they should reconcile.

Rose Leary

She is the sister of Macon Leary and is an 'eccentric' sibling who puts the groceries in alphabetical order and ignores the ringing telephone. She lives with Macon for a while after he moves out from his home with his wife Sarah and she also falls in love with and marries Macon's publisher, Julian.


He is Macon's publisher of his travel guides and falls in love with Macon's sister, Rose and eventually marries her. However, the two split up later and she moves back in with Macon until he leaves to be with Muriel Pritchett.

Muriel Pritchett

She is a love interest of Macon Leary and was initially hired by him to look after his dog. However, Macon falls in love with her and her personality and enjoys also spending time with her son, Alexander Pritchett. She is portrayed as a less educated and less 'classy' woman that Macon's wife, Sarah.

Alexander Pritchett

He is the son of Muriel Pritchett and is portrayed in the book as a poorly son. He moves in with Macon Leary and his mother Muriel Pritchett when his mother and Macon fall in love and begin a relationship together.

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