Organic Chemistry (8th Edition)

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ISBN 10: 0321768418
ISBN 13: 978-0-32176-841-4

Chapter 2 - Structure and Properties of Organic Molecules - Problems: Problem 2-3 b


$C_1$ hybridization: $sp^3$ geometry: tetrahedral bond angle: 109.5 $C_2$ hybridization: $sp^2$ geometry: trigonal planar bond angle: 120 $N$ hybridization: $sp^2$ electronic geometry: trigonal planar molecular geometry: bent bond angle: less than 120

Work Step by Step

The $C_1$ has four domains (four single bonds) around it. Thus, it's tetrahedral and tetrahedral geometry has 109.5 angles. The $C_2$ three domains (two single and one double bond) around it. Thus, it's trigonal planar and trigonal planar geometry has 120 angles. The $N$ has 3 domains (one single, one double and one lone pair) around it. The electronic geometry, which includes the lone pairs, is trigonal planar. The molecular geometry, which does not include lone pair, is bent. The angle is less than 120 degrees.
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