General Chemistry (4th Edition)

Published by University Science Books
ISBN 10: 1891389602
ISBN 13: 978-1-89138-960-3

Chapter 2 Atoms and Molecules - Problems - Page 73: 28


(a) CaWO$_{4}$ (scheelite, an ore of tungsten) = 287.9156g/mol (b) Fe$_{3}$O$_{4}$ (magnetite) = 231.5326 g/mol (c) Na$_{3}$AlF$_{6}$ (cryolite) = 209.94126 g/mol (d) Be$_{3}$Al$_{2}$Si$_{6}$O$_{18}$ (beryl) = 537.5018 g/mol (e) Zn$_{2}$SiO$_{4}$ (willemite) = 195.40 g/mol

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