Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change 7th Edition

Published by McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN 10: 007351117X
ISBN 13: 978-0-07351-117-7

Chapter 1 - Problems - Page 38: 1.73


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Precision or reproducibility: It refers to how close the measurements in a series are to each other. Accuracy: It refers to how close a measurement is to the actual value. Precise measurements have low random error that is small derivations from the average. Accurate measurements have low systematic error and generally low random error as well .In some cases when many measurements are taken that have a high random error and the average may still be accurate. Exp1 and Exp2 are low precision average value close to actual. (a)Experiments I & II yield the same average result. (b)Experiments III & IV display high precision. (c)Experiments IV display high accuracy. (d)Experiment III shows a systematic error.
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