Chemistry: The Molecular Science (5th Edition)

Published by Cengage Learning
ISBN 10: 1285199049
ISBN 13: 978-1-28519-904-7

Chapter 13 - The Chemistry of Solutes and Solutions - Problem Solving Practice 13.8 - Page 583: a


9.79 M

Work Step by Step

$30\%$ $H_{2}O_{2}$ means that 100.g solution contains 30.0g $H_{2}O_{2}$. Molar mass of $H_{2}O_{2}=34.0147\,g/mol$ Number of moles $n= \frac{mass\,in\,grams}{Molar\,mass}$ $=\frac{30.0\,g}{34.0147\,g/mol}=0.8819716\,mol$ Volume of the solution V= $\frac{mass\,of\,the\, solution}{Density\,of\, the\, solution}=\frac{100\,g}{1.11\,g/mL}$ $=90.09\,mL=0.09009\,L$ Molarity=$\frac{n}{V}=\frac{0.8819716\,mol}{0.09009\,L}=9.79\,M$
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