Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity (9th Edition)

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ISBN 10: 1133949649
ISBN 13: 978-1-13394-964-0

Chapter 8 Bonding and Molecular Structure - Study Questions - Page 337g: 95


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a) BrO, Br is from group 17 and has 7 valence electrons, O is from group 16 and has 6, hydrogen has 1. BrO has 13 valence electrons. b) First reaction: 1 Br-Br bond broken: $\Delta H= +193\ kJ/mol$ Second reaction: 1 O=O bond broken, 2 Br-O formed: $\Delta H= 498-2×201=+96\ kJ/mol$ Third reaction: 1 O-H bond broken, 1 H-O formed: $\Delta H= 0\ kJ/mol$ c) $1/2\ H_2(g)+1/2\ O_2(g)+\ 1/2\ Br_2(g)\rightarrow HOBr(g)$ Bonds broken 1/2 H-H, 1/2 O=O, 1/2 Br-Br Bonds formed 1 O-H, 1 O-Br $1/2×(436+498+193)-463-201=-100.5\ kJ/mol$ d) In b, endothermic (the third is neither), in c exothermic.
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