Chemistry 9th Edition

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ISBN 10: 1133611095
ISBN 13: 978-1-13361-109-7

Chapter 5 - Gases - Review Questions - Page 231: 4


a. By Gay-Lussach's Law, as temperature increases, pressure increases. Therefore, if enough heat is transferred to the gas in the aerosol cans, the pressure will cause the cans to explode. b. As you create a vacuum within your mouth, the pressure of the straw and your mouth is much lower than the atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the atmospheric pressure pushes the liquid up the straw and into your mouth. c. With the decrease of gas molecules and therefore decrease in internal pressure inside the container, the atmospheric pressure would flatten the can as the atmospheric pressure is now greater than the internal pressure of the can. d. High elevations, less gas is in the atmosphere and therefore smaller atmospheric pressure. As a result, different tennis balls must be created to compensate for this difference in atmospheric pressure between high and low elevations.

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a. Gay-Lussach's law states that with increased temperature, there is an increase in pressure. Therefore, if enough pressure is reached, the container will be unable to contain the gas and explode. b. A vacuum lacks gas and therefore has no pressure. Therefore, when you create a vacuum in your mouth, atmospheric pressure is always greater than the pressure in your mouth and straw. As a result, atmospheric pressure is able to push the liquid upward into your mouth. c. If the atmospheric pressure is greater than the internal pressure of the gases inside the container, the container will flatten. Therefore, if the amount of gas is reduced, the pressure inside the container decreases allowing the atmosphere to flatten the container. d. At different pressures, tennis balls would bounce and travel at different heights. Therefore, to compensate for this, manufacturers must create tennis balls for low and high elevation.
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