Chemistry 9th Edition

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Chapter 22 - Organic and Biological Molecules - Review Questions - Page 1068: 1


By naming correctly each of these isomers, it is found that 3-methylhexane is the only isomer present.

Work Step by Step

First, it is important to draw the structural formula of each isomer as they are written in the question. Then, name the structure you have drawn by following these rules: 1-Identify the longest continuous chain of carbon atoms, this will establish the base name of the compound. 2-Number the longest chain by starting to count from the nearest branching. 3-name the alkyl group by putting the number of the position of the alkyl group, according to the numbering of the chain you have done in rule 1. 4-when 2 or more groups are present, give each a number (corresponding to its position) and separate them by a dash. Name them alphabetically. 5-when 2 or more substituents are present on the same carbon atom, use the number more than once as necessary. 6-if the same group is present more than once in the chain, use prefixes such as di, tri, etc. 7-When there are more ways of choosing the longest chain, chose the one with the most substituents on it. 8-when 2 groups are in equivalent positions, the lowest number is given to the group with the first alphabetical letter. 9-When branching occurs at an equal distance from each distance, chose the name that the lowest number at the first point of difference.
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