Chemistry 9th Edition

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ISBN 10: 1133611095
ISBN 13: 978-1-13361-109-7

Chapter 1 - Chemical Foundations - Questions - Page 34: 26


a) Homogeneous mixture: $\longrightarrow$ Salt soultion (Brine) $\longrightarrow$ Sugar solution in water $\longrightarrow$ Brass/Steel - (Any alloy) $\longrightarrow$ Soapy water b) Heterogeneous mixture: $\longrightarrow$ Sand $\longrightarrow$ A chocolate-chip cookie $\longrightarrow$ Orange juice with pulp $\longrightarrow$ Soup - Contains vegetables, meat, etc. c) Compound: $\longrightarrow$ Ferrous sulphate $(FeSO_{4}$) $\longrightarrow$ Copper Carbonate $(CuCO_{3}$) $\longrightarrow$ Water ($H_{2}O)$ $\longrightarrow$ Ferric oxide $(Fe_{2}O_{3})$ d) Element $\longrightarrow$ Sodium (Na) $\longrightarrow$ Potassium (K) $\longrightarrow$ Lithium (Li) $\longrightarrow$ Zinc (Zn) e) Physical Change: $\longrightarrow$ Melting ice cubes into water $\longrightarrow$ Dissolving salt/sugar in water $\longrightarrow$ Cutting paper $\longrightarrow$ Crushing a soda can f) Chemical Change $\longrightarrow$ Burning paper $\longrightarrow$ Rusting of iron $\longrightarrow$ Neutralizing an acid with a base $\longrightarrow$ Digesting food.

Work Step by Step

Reasons: a) Homogeneous mixture: A mixture which has equal quantities of the substances in any part. b) Heterogeneous mixture: A mixture which has unequal quantities in different part of the mixture. c) A compound: A compound is a substance where two or more chemicals are present, having a chemical bond in between them. d) Element: A substance with only and only one kind of atoms present in it. e) Physical Change: A reversible change, which does not form any new substances. f) Chemical change: An irreversible change, that involves formation of new substances.
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