Chemistry 10th Edition

Published by Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
ISBN 10: 1133610668
ISBN 13: 978-1-13361-066-3

Chapter 23 - Organic Chemistry I: Formulas, Names, and Properties - Exercises - Basic Ideas - Page 944: 1


(a) Organic chemistry is the study of compounds which contain mainly $C-C$ and $C-H$ bonds. Some organic compounds contain bonds with some other atoms, mainly: $oxygen$,$nitrogen$,$sulfur$,$phosphorus$ and $halogens$. (b) While some theories about life based around atoms other than carbon exist life as we know it would not exist without organic chemistry. (c) $The$ $Vital$ $Force$ $Theory$ was debunked in 1828 when Friedrich Wöhler was able to synthesize urea, the main compond of urine, starting from inorganic compounds.

Work Step by Step

I mostly looked up the Oxford dictionary. For answers (b) and (c) I also needed to do some research on an encyclopedia.
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