Chemistry 10th Edition

Published by Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
ISBN 10: 1133610668
ISBN 13: 978-1-13361-066-3

Chapter 1 - The Foundations of Chemistry - Exercises - Matter and Energy - Page 36: 3


a-Anything that takes up space and has a mass. An example of matter can be an atom or a fridge. b-Kinetic Energy is the Energy an object possesses due to its movement. An example of this is a pendulum in movement. c-Mass is the proprety which reflects the quantity of matter in a given sample. An example of mass is a kilogram of something. d-The term exothermic prcess defines a process in which energy, in the form of heat, is released. An example of this is the lightning of a match.

Work Step by Step

Consulted textbook for examples and Oxford's dictionary to define the terms.
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