Molecular Biology of the Cell 6th Edition

Published by Garland Science
ISBN 10: 0815344325
ISBN 13: 978-0-81534-432-2

Chapter 11 - End-of-Chapter - Problems - Page 638: 11-1



Work Step by Step

Transporters: Transporter proteins are of two kinds : 1) Channels: They interact very weakly with the solute, and therefore their function is to create pores in the lipid bi layer membrane and have solute particles pass through them. Usually, the inorganic ions that are of a size that can pass through these channels pass through it. This transport is always a passive process. 2) Transporters: These are also called carriers as they bind to the solute and carry it across the lipid bi-layer. Upon binding to the solute molecule they undergo a series of conformational modifications to transport the particle across the membrane. This might be active or passive. Therefore, the statement is true.
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