Microbiology: Principles and Explorations 9th Edition

Published by Wiley
ISBN 10: 1-11874-316-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-11874-316-4

Chapter 20 - Urogenital and Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Self Quiz - Page 648: 4


(d) Glomerulonephritis (b) Toxic shock syndrome (e) Pyelonephritis (f) Leptospirosis (c) Prostatitis (a) Vaginitis

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The following are the UTI-related diseases: Glomerulonephritis- An immune complex disease of the glomeruli of the kidney caused by nephrogenic strains of Streptococcus pyogenes Toxic shock syndrome- Associated with superabsorbent tampons left in too long, allowing for the multiplication of strains of Staphylococcus aureus producing exotoxin C Pyelonephritis- An inflammation of the kidney usually caused by the backup of urine with consequent ascent of Escherichia coli Leptospirosis- Zoonotic infection by Leptospira interrogans usually acquired by direct contact with contaminated dog, cat, or wild animal urine or in water or soil Prostatitis- Infection of the prostate in men commonly caused by Escherichia coli Vaginitis- Opportunistic Gardnerella vaginalis in combination with anaerobic bacteria commonly cause this vaginal infection that can be diagnosed with “clue cells”
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