Microbiology: Principles and Explorations 9th Edition

Published by Wiley
ISBN 10: 1-11874-316-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-11874-316-4

Chapter 18 - Immune Disorders - Self Quiz - Page 583: 24


(c) Immunoelectrophoresis (a) Hemagglutination inhibition (b) Neutralization reaction (f) Complement fixation test (d) Precipitin test (e) Coomb’s antiglobulin test

Work Step by Step

The following are the immunological tests: Immunoelectrophoresis- Electric current through an agarose gel is used to detect and separate antigen-antibody complexes based on their size and charge Hemagglutination inhibition- Viral cross-linking of red blood cells is inhibited by antiviral antibodies Neutralization reaction- Used for detection of bacterial toxins and antibodies to viruses Complement fixation test- Indirectly detects antibodies in serum to antigens by determining whether complement combines (is fixed) with antigen-antibody complexes Precipitin test- Used to detect antibodies; applications include immunodiffusion, immunoelectrophoresis, and radial diffusion Coomb’s antiglobulin test- Anti-human antibodies are used to detect low titers of anti-Rh antibodies bound to Rh antigens on red blood cells
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