Biology (11th Edition)

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Chapter 4 - Cell Structure - Review Questions - Synthesize: 1


The phospholipid would be made in the SER and then can move to other organelles needing more membrane. Since all cellular membranes need proteins inserted in them, and this takes place in the RER, the lipid would move from the SER to the RER, and then follow the usual pathway to be sorted via the Golgi to various cellular membranes. All travel from compartment to compartment would be via vesicles.

Work Step by Step

To answer this, consider the nature of the ER and how materials move from it to other places--it is always in vesicles, which, of course, include phospholipids. The other key is that cellular membranes include proteins with lipids. That shows that the lipid must probably pass through the RER to pick up the proteins which will travel with the phospholipids to the final destination. The Golgi is the next stop after the RER, and then the proteins and phospholipid move on to their final destination membrane.
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