Biological Science (6th Edition)

Published by Benjamin Cummings
ISBN 10: 0321976495
ISBN 13: 978-0-32197-649-9

Chapter 23 - Evolutionary Processes - Review - Case Study: 16


A p value of 0.01 means that there is a 1% chance that the difference between treatments is due to random chance rather than to a real difference between the treatments (the two colors of mice on either soil). This 1% value is usually taken to mean that the difference between treatments is quite significant, the statistical test confirms confidence in the result.

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Statistical tests are designed to produce a probability that the experimental differences between treatments are not just due to random variation/chance. It is common to use 1%, 5%, or 10% as criteria for deciding that results are confirmed/differences are real. Just be careful to realize that these probability levels are just predictions, not magic lines in the sand. 4.9% isn't much different from 5%, even though some scientists choose not to acknowledge it.
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