Campbell Biology (11th Edition)

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ISBN 13: 978-0-13409-341-3

Chapter 17 - 17.4 - Concept Check - Page 355: 3


The tRNA could bind to the mRNA codons: 5'-GCA-3' and 5'-GCG-3' The amino acid that the tRNA carries is: Ala, the full name being Alanine

Work Step by Step

The original tRNA anticodon given was 3'-CGU-'5'. Every tRNA anticodon binds to the complementary sequence on an mRNA codon according to the guidelines that A pairs with U and C pairs with G. Therefore, the tRNA anticodon will pair with the complementary mRNA codon 5'-GCA-3'. Additionally, however, the property of tRNA anticodons called "wobble" allows for the third base of the anticodon (the one on the 5' end), to have more flexible pairing restrictions, allowing the ending base U to pair with G as well as with A. Therefore, the tRNA anticodon of 3'-CGU-'5' can also bind to the mRNA codon of 5'-GCG-3'. Remember that the 3' end of the anticodon pairs with the 5' end of the mRNA codon. In order to determine which amino acid the tRNA anticodon will carry, we may use the chart on page 339 of this textbook to see which amino acid corresponds to the mRNA codon sequence of 5'-GCA-3' and 5'-GCG-3'. For both sequences, this amino acid is Ala.
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