Basic College Mathematics (9th Edition)

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 0321825535
ISBN 13: 978-0-32182-553-7

Chapter 7 - Measurement - 7.1 Problem Solving with U.S. Measurement Units - 7.1 Exercises - Page 487: 60


a.) 29.33 hr b.) 1.22 days

Work Step by Step

Given, A snail moves at a speed of 2 feet every 3 minutes. To find how long it would take the snail to travel one mile, , First we need to find the how many seconds it will take to travel one mile. As we know 1 mile = 5280 feet, so divide 5280 with 3. 5280/3 = 1760 minute Now we need to convert 1760 minute to hour, you are converting from a smaller unit to a larger unit (a minute is smaller than an hour) so divide. Because 1 hr = 60 minute, divide by 60 1760/60 = 88/3 = 29.33 hr = 291/3 hr Therefore snail will take 29.33 hr to travel one mile. b.) We need to calculate the time in days i.e. 1760 min= days Use the unit fraction (1 hr)/(60 kin) to change minute to hours and the unit fraction (1 days )/(24 hours ) to change hours to days. Notice how all the units divide out except days, which is the unit you want in the answer. 1760 min * (1 hr)/(60 min) * (1 days )/(24 hours ) = 11/9 days = 1.22 days Therefore snail will take 1.22 days to travel one mile.
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