Basic College Mathematics (9th Edition)

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 0321825535
ISBN 13: 978-0-32182-553-7

Chapter 4 - Decimals - 4.4 Multiplying Decimal Numbers - 4.4 Exercises - Page 294: 56


(a) $\$175.35$ (b) $\$5.45$

Work Step by Step

(a) We know that you order one of each type of shirt for yourself. From the table, the sum is: $14.75+16.75+18.95+21.95=\$72.40$ In addition, you order three XXL shirts at $\$21.95$ each plus \$$2$ for the size. Adding this to the previous total, we get: $72.40+3*21.95+3*2=72.40+65.85+6=\$144.25$ We calculate the shipping based on this total, which comes out to $\$11.95$ plus $\$4.25$ for the addition address. This brings the total to: $144.25+11.95+4.25=\$160.45$ Finally, we need to include the cost of the monograms (2 at $\$4.95$ each) and the gift box ($\$5$): $160.45+2*4.95+5=\$175.35$ (b) We see from part (a) that the cost of the shirts for yourself (with monograms) comes out to: $14.75+16.75+18.95+21.95+4.95*2=\$82.30$ And the cost of the shirts for dad (with gift box) comes out to: $21.95*3+3*2+5=\$76.85$ Thus the difference is: $82.30-76.85=\$5.45$
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