Basic College Mathematics (10th Edition)

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 0134467795
ISBN 13: 978-0-13446-779-5

Chapter 7 - Measurement - Review Exercises - Page 523: 20



Work Step by Step

During the first year of a program to recycle office paper, a company recycled 123,260 pounds of paper. Step 1 Read the problem. The problem asks how much money the company make. Step 2 Work out a plan. The price for recycled paper is $40 per ton for the paper, but the amount is given in pounds. Convert pounds to tons (the unit in the price). Then multiply the weight by the cost per ton. Step 3 Estimate a reasonable answer. The cost of 2000 pound is $40. So 123,000 i.e. 61.5 tons will cost $2460. So the estimation will be around $2460 Step 4 Solve the problem. Use a unit fraction to convert 123,260 pounds to tons. Unit for the answer (tons) is in numerator; unit being changed (pounds) is in denominator so it will divide out. The unit fraction is (1 ton)/(2000 pounds). Multiply 2000 pounds times the unit fraction 123,260 pounds *(1 m)/(2000 pounds) = 61.63 tons Now multiply 61.63 times the cost per ton. 61.63 * 40 = 17.325= 2465.2 Step 5 State the answer. The company will receive $2465.2 rounded to the nearest cent. Step 6 Check your work. The exact answer of $2465.2 is close to our estimate of $2460.
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