Basic College Mathematics (10th Edition)

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 0134467795
ISBN 13: 978-0-13446-779-5

Chapter 7 - Measurement - 7.4 Problems Solving with Metric Measurement - 7.4 Exercises - Page 507: 3



Work Step by Step

The price is $0.98 per kg, so convert 850 g to kg. It is given $0.98 price is per kg so we need to convert the 850 g into kg Step 1 Read the problem. The problem asks for the cost of 850 g of rice. Step 2 Work out a plan. The price is $0.98 per kilogram, but the amount Pam scooped is given in grams. Convert grams to kilograms (the unit in the price). Then multiply the weight by the cost per kilogram. Step 3 Estimate a reasonable answer. Round the cost of 1 kg from $0.98 to $1. There are 1000 g in a kilogram, so 1000 g is $1 so 850 grams will be $0.85. So $0.85 is our estimate. Step 4 Solve the problem. Use a unit fraction to convert 850 g to kilograms. Unit for the answer (kg) is in numerator; unit being changed (g) is in denominator so it will divide out. The unit fraction is (1 Kg)/(1000 g). Multiply 850 gram times the unit fraction 850 *(1 Kg)/(1000 g) = 0.85 Kg Now multiply 0.85 Kg times the cost per kilogram. 0.85 kg * 0.98 = 0.833 = 0.83 Step 5 State the answer. Pam will pay $0.83, rounded to the nearest cent. Step 6 Check your work. The exact answer of $0.83 is close to our estimate of $0.85.
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