Elementary Technical Mathematics

Published by Brooks Cole
ISBN 10: 1285199197
ISBN 13: 978-1-28519-919-1

Chapter 1 - Section 1.14 - Rate, Base, and Part - Exercises - Page 85: 52


The population is 152. The percent change is 12.6%.

Work Step by Step

Add the number born and subtract the total that died to find the total deer population after 12 months. $135+42-(7+3+5+10)=177-25=152$ Divide the population change by the original population, to find the rate of change. $\frac{152-135}{135}=\frac{17}{135}=0.1\overline{259}$ Move the decimal 2 places to the right to convert the decimal to a percentage. $0.1\overline{259}=12.\overline{\underset\uparrow592}\%$ Since the number to the right of the tenths position is greater than 5, round up to the nearest tenth.
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