Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: Concepts & Applications (6th Edition)

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 0-32184-874-8
ISBN 13: 978-0-32184-874-1

Chapter 7 - Functions and Graphs - 7.1 Introduction to Function - 7.1 Exercise Set - Page 449: 25


Domain: {4, -2, 3} Range: {-2, 4, -8, 5} This relation is not a function.

Work Step by Step

The question asks us to find the domain, range and to determine if the relation given to us is a function. A relation is a set of ordered pairs.The relation given is { (4,-2),(-2,4),(3,-8),(4,5) } In order to find the domain and range, you look at x and y. $(x,y)$ Our x is the first number and our y will be the second number. From this, we can see our domain (x) are { 4,-2, 3 } Even though 4 is repeated, we only have to list it once in our domain. Now we look at all the y points to make up our range. {-2, 4, -8, 5} In order to check if this qualifies as a function, we must check to see if each x point has a corresponding y point. X points can have the same shared y point. However, a y point can never share two of the same x points. In this instance, the x point 4 is shared with -2 and 5. Because of this, the relation is not a function. An x point cannot be repeated.
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