Invitation to Computer Science 8th Edition

Published by Cengage Learning
ISBN 10: 1337561916
ISBN 13: 978-1-33756-191-4

Chapter 3 - Exercises - Page 142: 14a


Notice the extra pieces that makes it different from the simple bubble sort. $\bullet$ Get values of $n$ and the list elements $\bullet$ Set marker $U$ for the unsorted section at the end of the list $\bullet$ Set value of sorted to $N O$ $\bullet$ While the unsorted part has more than one element AND sorted = NO do $\bullet\quad$ Set current element marker $C$ at second element of the list $\bullet\quad$ Set value for count to 0 $\bullet\quad$ While $C$ has not passed $U$ do $\bullet \quad\quad$ If item at position $C$ is less than the item on the left then $\bullet \quad\quad\quad$ Exchange these two items $\bullet\quad\quad\quad$ Add 1 to the value of count $\bullet\quad\quad$ Move $C$ one position to the right $\bullet\quad$ Move $U$ one position to the left $\bullet\quad$ If count $>0$ then set sorted to $Y E S$ $\bullet$ Stop.

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