Introduction to Programming using Python 1st Edition

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 0132747189
ISBN 13: 978-0-13274-718-9

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Computers, Programs, and Python - Section 1.8 - Programming Errors - Check Point - MyProgrammingLab - Page 21: 1.32


1)Syntax Error 2)Logical Error 3)Run Time Error

Work Step by Step

-$Syntax$ $Error$: The most common error you will encounter are syntax errors. Like any programming language, Python has its own syntax, and you need to write code that obeys the syntax rules. If your program violates the rules—for example, if a quotation mark is missing or a word is misspelled—Python will report syntax errors. -$Logical$ $Error$: Logic Errors occur when a program does not perform the way it was intended to. Errors of this kind occur for many different reasons. -$Run$ $time$ $Error$: Runtime errors are errors that cause a program to terminate abnormally. They occur while a program is running if the Python interpreter detects an operation that is impossible to carry out. Input mistakes typically cause runtime errors. An input error occurs when the user enters a value that the program cannot handle
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