Swann's Way Characters

Swann's Way Character List


Narrator—long descriptions of his love for Combray, as well as his mother's kiss before nighttime.

Marcel's Mother

In short, Marcel's love for her goodnight kisses determine his position in the story. She becomes worried of Marcel's nervous ailments without her love and affection. She strongly differs from Marcel's Father.

Marcel's Father

Marcel's Father makes sure that Marcel is acting appropriately. He is not a fan of Marcel's addiction to his mother's affection. Nonetheless, he is a good father for Marcel throughout the story.

Marcel's Grandparents

Are important in the beginning of the story. They live in Combray where Marcel and his family visit for vacation sometimes. Marcel's grandfather and Charles Swann are good acquaintances.

Charles Swann

An important character to "Swann's Way". He is the great "friend" of Marcel's family and visits often at their home. He is talented in many aspects of life and is very wealthy. He falls in love with his soon-to-be wife, Odette.


A beautiful, sweet, and talented character on the outside, but a vicious, horrible person on the inside. M. Swann is blinded by her beauty and surpasses her horrible qualities and falls in love with her. In summary, she is extremely unfaithful and rude to Swann throughout the story.


The daughter of Swann and Odette—Marcel's future love.

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