Summerland Characters

Summerland Character List

Ethan Feld

Ethan Feld is the protagonist of the novel, trying to stop Coyote from fulfilling his evil plan along with his friends. Ethan moved to Clam Island with his father after his mother died, hoping to find new adventures there. Ethan's father tries to get him good at baseball, but he never does any better and is deemed the worst player that the baseball team has ever seen. Ethan Feld is a humorous eleven year old boy that tries to stop evil from taking its toll.

Ethan's Father

Ethan's father moved to Clam Island with his son shortly after his wife died. He tries hard to get his son to like baseball, and is always very encouraging, never giving up. Despite all of his efforts, Ethan never ends up doing very well at the game.

Jennifer T.

Jennifer is a good friend of Ethan who met him on the island. Jennifer is a tomboyish girl that is looking for adventure and some fun, unlike the rest of the girls on the island. Jennifer and Ethan work together to help stop Coyote, who is trying to spread evil to the whole universe.


Thor is another great friend of Ethan who met him on the island. Thor has an unusual peculiarity, thinking that he is an android. He acts and talks like one, feeling like it will add to the situation and sometimes truly believing that he is one. Thor is brave and works with Ethan and Jennifer to stop Coyote.


Cutbelly is a werefox that first introduced to Ethan the fact that there is more than one world. In fact, there are four. Cutbelly explains that in the Summerlands, it doesn't rain because it is in a spot on the Tree of Life where two leaves are so close together that two worlds exist simultaneously. Cutbelly gives useful information to Ethan and is a symbol in the story.


Coyote is the protagonist of the novel, showing a glint of evil at every turn of a page. His plan is to end the world as we know it by giving the Tree of Life poison. Coyote is so evil that he is known by the other names Raven, Loki, Satan, and others. He provides constant trouble to Ethan and the rest.

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