Star Wars

Star Wars Character List


A droid that works for the Rebels. Princess Leia manages to download vital information about the Death Star onto the droid's memory, but this makes him a target for Imperial forces. He is, as far as droids go, highly brave and competent, in spite of his compact size.

Luke Skywalker

A farmboy who becomes exposed to the world of the Rebels and joins their movement. He also finds that he is a Jedi who is able to use the Force to destroy the Death Star. Luke is optimistic, bright-eyed, and somewhat naive, but he bravely fights on the side of good.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

A former Jedi Knight committed to maintaining peace in the galaxy. He has gone into hiding on Tatooine, but, when Luke stumbles into his life, he decides to help with the Rebels' attack against the Empire. He is a mentor to Luke and trains him in harnessing the Force.


A Wookiee (tall, hairy humanoid) who accompanies Han Solo on his smuggling trips across the universe. He is extremely loyal to Han and fights alongside him with the Rebels.

Han Solo

A smuggler and captain of the spaceship the Milennium Falcon. At first he is relatively self-seeking and only cares about making his money, but later he decides to help the Rebels with their mission and comes to their aid. He is sarcastic and comical in many ways, if a little rough around the edges.

Princess Leia

The royal leader of the Rebels who is extremely devoted to the cause against the Empire. She is brave and determined, butting heads with the equally stubborn Han Solo.


Another droid, R2-D2's companion. He is rather excitable and nervous, but also able to aid in the Rebellion efforts at key moments.

Darth Vader

The evil Imperial leader, cloaked in black and wearing a giant suit of heavy black armor. He was once a Jedi, but now uses the Force for malevolent purposes. He is the only member of the Imperial forces who survives the destruction of the Death Star.