Spring Moon Background

Spring Moon Background

Spring Moon is the title of one of Bette Bao Lord’s works, which was published in 1981. The protagonist of this novel is Spring Moon, a spoiled and wealthy girl who lives in the House of Chang in ancient China. However, Spring Moon’s life of luxury is quickly turned upside down as a political purge kills her husband and becomes her uncle’s lover afterwards. Spring Moon’s two children develop in opposite directions, representing the forces that are constantly diverging and conflicting in Chinese history.

Lord artfully describes the new world of Spring Moon by meticulously describing the ancient Chinese history, customs, and folk tales that fully bring the setting of the novel to life. As Lord was born in China and was fully immersed in those customs, her clean and easily relatable narrative of Spring Moon’s world back then is constructed fully but simply.

Spring Moon explores the themes of fate and destiny, memories and the past, and one’s honor through Spring Moon’s triumph over the tragedy of her life.

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