Speak may refer to:

  • Speech, the vocal form of human communication
  • Speak (Hungarian rapper) (born 1976), a Hungarian rap artist and internet phenomenon famous for his anti-war video
  • Speak! (American rapper), Anthony "SPEAK!" Negrete, a ghostwriter of Kreayshawn single Gucci Gucci
  • Geoffrey Speak (1924–2000), a British teacher in Hong Kong
  • George Speak, an English footballer
Literature and film
  • Speak (Anderson novel), a 1999 novel by Laurie Halse Anderson
    • Speak (film), the film based on Anderson's book
  • Speak (Hall novel), a novel by Louisa Hall
  • Speak (band), a synthpop band from Austin, Texas
  • "Speak" (Godsmack song), a 2006 song by the band Godsmack
  • Speak (Jimmy Needham album), 2006
  • Speak (Lindsay Lohan album), the debut album by the actress Lindsay Lohan
  • "Speak" (Nickel Creek song), a single by progressive bluegrass band Nickel Creek
  • Speak (No-Man album), a compilation album by No-Man
  • Speak (The Roches album), 1989
  • Speak!!!, the 3rd album from The Mad Capsule Markets
  • "Speak", a song by Sevendust from Sevendust
  • "Speak", the first album by the British-American dance band Londonbeat, 1988
  • "Speak", an album by progressive rock band I and Thou
  • SPEAK Campaigns, an animal rights campaign in Oxford
  • SPEAK network, a Christian student campaigning network
  • SPEAK (test), the Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit from the Educational Testing Service
  • Speak (The Tick), the pet of comic superhero The Tick
  • Speak (Unix), a Unix utility
  • Speak (imprint), young adult division of the publishing company the Penguin Group
  • Wii Speak, a microphone accessory for Nintendo's Wii video game console
See also
  • Spic, an ethnic slur
  • Spic (disambiguation)

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