Someone Like You Background

Someone Like You Background

Originally published in 1953, Someone Like You is famed British author Roald Dahl's collection of short stories. Dahl opined that the collection is for adults, and adults alone. Someone Like You includes eighteen short stories ,some of which were previously published in magazines and newspapers. The most famous stories include "The Great Automatic Grammatizator," which tells the story of a man who creates a machine that is able to craft a well-received novel in approximately 15 minutes, and "Dip in the Pool," which takes place on a British cruise ship and features passengers who place bets on how many miles the ship will travel per day.

Unlike Dahl's first collection of short stories, Someone Like You received very positive reviews and was well-read by the general public. In his review, acclaimed science fiction anthologist Groff Conklin wrote that Someone Like You is "certainly the most distinguished book of short stories of 1953 ... all [of them are] superb." The collection also won the Edgar Award.

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