Small Steps Background

Small Steps Background

Published in 2006, Small Steps was written by Louis Sachar that is the sequel to the book Holes (the protagonist of Holes, Stanley Yelnats, however, is only mentioned once in Small Steps). Armpit is back in his hometown Austin after spending two years in Camp Green Lake, but everyone except for Ginny thinks he’s still a delinquent.

Ginny is Armpit’s neighbor who is ten and is also disabled. They are both learning how to take small steps, hence the title. Unfortunately, right when Armpit seems to be figuring out his life, one of his fellow Camp Green Lake inmates named X-Ray completely changes Armpit’s life again.

In Small Steps, Sachar delves the themes of racial differences, fame and its implications on individuals, and the things that seem like fate and control a person’s life through the adventures of his immensely relatable characters.

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