Sleep Rough Tonight Background

Sleep Rough Tonight Background

Ian Bone is an Australian novelist born in 1956 in Geelong, Victoria. He possesses a PhD from Adelaide University and works as an English professor. His foray into the realm of young adult fiction began in 1998 with the release of his book entitled Fat Boy Saves World. He has published many novels since his debut, one of which is Sleep Rough Tonight (2004).

Sleep Rough Tonight tells the story of Alex, a boy who befriends a classmate nicknamed “The Jockey,” who has just been released from a juvenile detention center. Their friendship, however, takes a turn for the worse when The Jockey has a plan to terrorize Alex in the menacing city streets. It is a book targeted for teenagers, but also a story for thriller fans of all ages.

When it was published in 2004, Sleep Rough Tonight was praised by a broad spectrum of audiences. Kirkus Reviews describes Bone’s story as “one of those novels with huge male appeal that also has psychological underpinnings satisfying to a wide range of readers." Although the young-adult thriller categorization may make it appear as a niche book, in reality, it appeals to a diverse group of people no matter one’s specific preferences. It was also named a Notable Book by the Children's Book Council of Australia and shortlisted for an APA Book Design Award.

Since 2004, Ian Bone has authored many more young-adult books, including Love Cuts (2006) and Philomena Wonderpen is a Very Naughty Teacher (2006).

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