Six of Crows Irony

Six of Crows Irony


Kaz is one of the most feared, notorious crimelords in Ketterdam, and his name alone is enough to send people running. He has the nickname "Dirtyhands" because he's been involved in the murder of so many people, but in reality he can't bear to touch anyone and is incredibly triggered by skin-to-skin contact- Dirtyhands doesn't touch anyone with his actual hands.

Matthias and Nina

Nina is a powerful Ravkan Grisha who has been trained to use her powers in combat, often combat against the Fjerdans. Matthias is a Fjerdan soldier who hates Grisha, and has been trained to persecute and kill them at any cost. In spite of this, they fall in love anyway.

Wylan's disguise

Wylan is an illiterate merchant's son, and he finds himself wishing that he was someone different who could make his father happy. At the end of the book he alters his appearance so he can pretend to be Kuwei, a transformation that will be difficult to fix, and while he's effectively been transformed into a different person, he's upset by it.

Nina and Inej's disguises

When breaking into the Ice Court, both Nina and Inej disguise themselves as prostitutes. Even when there are problems with their papers while entering, they aren't taken as serious threats, because they're considered to be weak women. In reality, they're both extremely powerful, and between the two of them could take down the Ice Court completely.

Fjerdan faith

Matthias explains that Fjerdans are deeply religious, and most of the military actions that are carried out by their armies are conducted in the name of their god. In spite of their religious motivations, however, the Fjerdan army is brutal, and kills anyone who they deem inferior. Often, that violence falls on Grisha, who are completely innocent.

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