Six of Crows Background

Six of Crows Background

Six of Crows was written by Leigh Bardugo in 2015 and was published by Henry Holt and Company. It was nominated for both a Goodreads Choice Award for Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction and a Pennsylvania Young Readers’ Choice Award for Young Adults.

The novel is Leigh Bardugo’s fourth, and is the first in a planned duology. It is set in the same world as her previous Grisha trilogy, but is set in a different country and follows a different set of characters. Bardugo’s goal was to create a band of characters for a heist story, and incorporated characters for which she’d had previous inspiration- namely a witch hunter and a Grisha who fall in love with each other, and a boy called Dirty Hands, who would do anything for the right price. She wanted to create a unique set of characters and a heist story unlike what had previously been seen in the media, and was inspired by Game of Thrones and Ocean’s Eleven.

Six of Crows follows a set of six teenagers living in the city of Ketterdam, a city of slums and crime lords. When one of them is recruited to break into an impenetrable foreign prison and rescue the inventor of an illicit magical substance, the others are assembled to conduct an impossible heist, all while learning the truth about each other and themselves.

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