Sisterland Background

Sisterland Background

Recently published in 2013, Sisterland is a novel that tells about identical twins, Kate and Violet, who are not identical at all. Sisterland was written by Curtis Sittenfeld, who has written a total of five highly praised novels and many short stories that have been widely published.

The only thing that Kate and Violet both have is their “senses,” which is an eerie intuition that lets them predict the future. Though they both have this skill, their treatment of their “senses” is completely different. Kate’s goal is to have a normal life with her husband and children in St. Louis, and she essentially tries to give up her “senses.” On the other hand, Violet fully embraces her “senses” and tries to use it to the best of her abilities, and she attracts the attention of the media when she announces that a major earthquake will hit St. Louis. Though the two sisters have tried to live their lives independently, they are once again drawn back together in the media storm surrounding Violet’s prediction.

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