Sincerity and Authenticity Background

Sincerity and Authenticity Background

Lionel Trilling is the author of Sincerity and Authenticity, a thought-provoking, philosophical work. It was first published during 1972 and was later published during 1973 by Harvard University Press. This riveting work uncovers the complex essence of two self-oriented moral principles: sincerity and authenticity.

Specifically, Trilling explores the similarities and differences between these two principles, while highlighting their cultural significance in Western philosophy and literature. He shows concern with how and why humans make transformative strides to internalize these ideals, for a more fulfilling life.

Many Goodreads reviewers are captivated by his criticism of sincerity and authenticity within Western literature, while other reviewers are a bit perplexed about the exact meaning Trilling extends to readers.

Trilling is considered a leading critic of the 20th century within the United States. He was a teacher, a member of the New York Intellectuals, and a Partisan Review contributor. His writing focuses on contemporary issues of cultural, social, and political significance. Trilling became a 1973 National Book Award Finalist for Arts and Letters thanks to this book.

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