Simon Ortiz: Poetry Background

Simon Ortiz: Poetry Background

Simon Ortiz is an Acoma Pueblo Indian who was born (1941) and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a renowned poet, short fiction writer, non-fiction writer, and orator. His admiration for language started at a young age when he was introduced to the Acoma tongue.

"This early language from birth to six years of age in the Acoma family and community was the basis and source for all I would do later," he once said. This admiration was so intense that his father nicknamed him "the reporter" thanks to his attentiveness toward tribal elders' storytelling. On the other hand, he was punished for speaking the Acoma language in school.

Ortiz has published several poetry collections. This includes Going for the Rain (1976), A Good Journey (1977), From Sand Creek (1982), and more. His poetry's purpose centers on spirituality and environmentalism. He aims to expose the discord between humanity, the creator, and nature while inspiring the reunification of these things.

The poem "Culture and the Universe" is a perfect example of his creative orientation. It critiques humanity's understanding of the connection between culture and nature.

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