Silas Marner

Silas Marner Places in Silas Marner

Batherley: A market town, near Raveloe, where Godfrey Cass's secret wife Molly Farren lives.

Flitton: A village near Raveloe to the south.

Lantern Yard: A church community located in an area of England north of Raveloe. The religious folk of Lantern Yard are intensely pious puritans. They suspend Silas Marner from church membership after William Dane frames him for theft.

Lytherly: A merchant town in the Midlands.

The Rainbow: The local tavern in Raveloe, wherein the men of Raveloe hold court, more or less, on a wide variety of subjects.

Raveloe: A fictional village in the English South Midlands said to be based on the real-life village of Bulkington, Warwickshire.

The Red Lion: Squire Cass's manor and the site of an annual, splendid Christmas party.

The Warrens: The Lammeter estate. Very rich and fertile, it includes a massive stable that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a previous owner of the Warrens, Mr. Cliff.