Siegfried Sassoon: Poems Background

Siegfried Sassoon: Poems Background

Siegfried Sassoon: Poems is a compilation of a few of Sassoon’s poems. Sassoon was an English author and poet, as well as a soldier. Having fought in WWI, Sassoon wrote poetry that often drew from his experiences in the trenches and his opinions on the twisted causes of the war. Sassoon had started writing poetry before going to fight in WWI, as he was living like the wealthy country gentleman that he was. These works were quite influenced by John Masefield, and these writings were published privately and not widely read.

In Siegfried Sassoon: Poems, we see poems that are not inspired by his experience as a soldier, as well as some that are. “The Goldsmith” is not related to Sassoon’s wartime experiences, as it is about a metal worker admiring his work made out of gold. “Noah” makes a biblical allusion to Noah, the man who built the ark that held him, his family, and animals during the Great Flood in the Bible. In this Bible story, Noah sends out a dove to check and see if the waters have receded enough to open the doors and restart life on Earth. Another poem in this collection, makes a reference to his experiences as a soldier, as well as the emotional hardening that he and many others experienced during those times. In Siegfried Sassoon: Poems, Sassoon’s poems cover themes all over a soldier’s experience, religion, and more.

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