Should Wizard Hit Mommy? Summary

Should Wizard Hit Mommy? Summary

Jack has followed a bedtime tradition for two years together with his four-year-old daughter. Every Saturday, he tells her a bedtime-story before she goes to sleep. After a while, as his imagination couldn’t conjure more stories, he started following a pattern instead: Roger (who is a new animal every day) has a problem and seeks out a wise owl for help. The owl tells him to ask the wizard, since he has magic. Rogers problems are fixed by the wizard, and since he doesn’t have enough pennies to pay him, he fetches them from a nearby site and pays the wizard. He then proceeds to play with his friends before going home.

This day, when Jack asks which story his daughter wants to her is, she answers “Skunk!” When she has settled in, he begins the tale: Roger Skunk has a problem. He smells bad, and his friends don’t want to play with him. He goes to the owl to ask for a solution to his problem and is led to the wizard. The wizard changes the skunks smell to the smell of roses, and Roger pays the wizard after he finds some extra pennies. Then he plays with his friends, who likes his new smell. When he goes home, his mother dislikes the smell, and she brings him back to the wizard and forces him to give him back his smell.

When Jo, Jack’s daughter hears this, she tells her father that she doesn’t like the ending, and that the wizard should refuse to change Roger back, and that he should hit the mothers head with his wand, because she is a bad mother. Jack is tired, and tells her that it is his story, and in the end, Roger plays together with his friends again, and they have stopped disliking the smell. When Jack leaves Jo’s room to help his pregnant wife paint the walls, he sits down, not wanting to work with, talk or touch his wife.

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