Shiloh Quotes


When I thought on all the things I'd done with my own dad and how Judd could only remember hunting. Well, that was pitiful for a lifetime.

Marty, Chapter 15

Marty is trying to understand what makes Judd so mean and admits to feeling almost sorry for the miserable childhood he seems to have had. His memories of his father mostly involve being beaten with a thick leather belt and its only when Marty presses him that he remembers going hunting. Marty begins to wonder if violence is a cycle and if Judd is so cruel to his dogs because his father was so cruel to him. Marty has so many wonderful memories made with his dad already and cannot imagine not even amassing that many in a lifetime.

There's food for the body and food for the spirit. And Shiloh sure enough feeds our spirit.

Ray Preston, Chapter 15

The Preston's do not have a great deal of spare money and every dollar is stretched as far as it can be stretched. Food is never wasted and leftovers make soup or sandwiches for the following day. Shiloh is not going to help the family's food budget but he has certainly nourished the Prestons as a family and brought more unconditional love into the home, feeding their spirit.

You keeping Judd's dog up there on our hill - you got a place for him all built, never letting on. What else you keeping from me?

"Nothing, Dad!"

how do I know that's not another lie?

"'Cause it's not."

You saying so don't make it true.

Conversation between Marty and his father, Chapter 6

Marty's father holds trust as one of the most important factors in life and trusts his family without question. He is trying in this conversation to explain to Marty that it is easy to trust him when he has not lied but now that he has carried out a fairly lengthy deception it is very difficult to know whether to trust him or not because his word, which meant a great deal, does not mean as much as it did before. It is also going to be harder to trust him moving forward and he will have to earn the trust over again.

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