Seabiscuit: An American Legend Background

Seabiscuit: An American Legend Background

Seabiscuit is the story of a very unlikely champion race horse and the three men who worked tirelessly to help him fulfil his deeply hidden potential. He was undersized with a lopsided gallop and a combative attitude when it came to being trained. Cobsequentky his trainers gave up, exasperated, lost for a solution. All this changed when three apecial men came into the feisty horse's life and changed everything.

On the face of it these men were as unlikely as trainers as Seabiscuit was a champion racehorse. Red Pollard was a failed boxer and a failed jockey who lived in a stall at the stable. Tom Smith was a plainsman whose special skill was breaking in wild mustangs and whose knowledge had been handed down generation after generation. Cavalry veteran Charles Howard completed the trio. He had made his fortune introducing the automobile to the great West. In 1936 Howard purchased Seabiscuit for a knockdown price and entrusted his development to his two partners, Pollard and Smith. Although the mustang training methods they used were looked on with suspicion at the racetrack, they worked for Seabiscuit as it gradually revealed a gentlemanly horse who was lightning fast, extremely intelligent and very competitive. Over the next four years Seabiscut put together a series of victorious runs that turned him into one of the most spectacular performers in the history of the sport.his rags to riches story captivated an America gripped by The Depression, and generated the most news of 1938 - more than both President Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler.

The author, Lauren Hillenbrand, began her writing career in 1988 as a contributing editor at Equus magazine and has also contributed to both print and broadcast magazines as a thoroughbred racing expert. Seabiscuit was made into an award winning movie for which she served as a racing consultant.

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